UV-Craft Escalator Sterilization Device

Coated layers on the hand-holding parts of escalators and moving walks are exposed to a very high contact rate. Viruses and bacteria on the surface are killed by UV-C technology when these surfaces pass through the sterilization device. 



• The device is designed to be mounted at the entrance and/or exit of the moving handrails for UV-C ray disinfection of the hand contact surface of the escalators.

• A led screen is included on the device that shows operating status.

• Power-saving feature shutdowns the UV-C ray when no movement detected for a long time.

• The design of the device prevents the entrance of any dust, foreign particles, etc. as well as blocks the leakage of UV-C rays outside the device.

• Since the disinfection device is designed for use in outdoor conditions, its suitable for external factors and seasonal weather conditions.

• An emergency-stop push button is included on the device for emergencies.

The device is equipped with protectors made of special materials to prevent any UV light leakage from inside of the device to outside.  

 The device can be easily mounted and disassembled thanks to its portable design.

 The device is designed to be used in different moving handrail models, can be developed.

• Information about the device such as operating status, fault information, warning status, and warning page can be monitored through this screen.

UV-Craft Escalator Sterilization Device Features

Physical Specifications

 Durable Outer Body (Frame) 

 Width:  ~210 mm 

 Length: ~615 mm 

 Depth: ~350 mm 

 Weight: ~12 kg 

 Different body options 


 Remote Tracking Feature 

 Convenient Control Panel 

 Visual tracking system 

 Capability to operate 24/7 

 Emergency stop system. 


 Software system 

 Service and maintenance notification system 

 Alarm and fault notification system 


• Wired / wireless connection

• Remote monitoring system

• Remote warning tracking system

• Access from a tablet, mobile phone, and computer


 Easy adaptation to escalators 

 Proven cleaning by testing in the lab 

 Power-saving shutdown feature when the device is not operated for a long time Self-cleaning feature 

 The technology with no damage to the moving handrails 

Reporting of annual, monthly and daily average people count 

Fields of Use

 Airport centers

 Health centers

 Business Centers

 Shopping Malls

 Metro stations


 Entertainment Centers Hotels