Sterilization Device Adaptable to UV-Craft Floor Cleaning Devices

The device can be integrated into any part of the ground cleaning tools used in the cleaning of open and closed areas in the airports, shopping centers, and similar places, and provides UV sterilization before or after liquid or chemical cleaning. 


• A sensor included in the device detects that the cleaning device is not operating or not in motion, and hence, stops the sterilization process. When the cleaning tool moves and starts cleaning, the sensor starts the device for the disinfection process.

• The device is equipped with system status lights, that show to the user and the system that it is operating efficiently, and warning lamps included on the device also warn users and the system in case of any malfunction and/or fault.

Warning lights on the device indicate any warning status for possible work accidents and device malfunctions.

• The sensor in the device detects the ground differences while the vehicle is in motion and adjusts the distance of the device with the ground accordingly. This feature of the device is provided by its wheels. When the device exceeds its working distance, the distance sensors on the device shutdown the UV-C light. Therefore, any possible eye exposure to the UV rays is prevented.

• A body and configuration can be designed to be integrated on any floor cleaning tool.

Features of Sterilization Device Adaptable to UV-Craft Floor Cleaning Devices

Physical Specifications

 Durable Outer Body (Frame) 

 Width: ~100 mm 

 Length: ~240 mm 

 Depth: ~600 mm 

 Weight: ~14.5 kg 

 Different body options 


 Remote Tracking Feature 

 Visual tracking system 

 Capability to operate 24/7 

 Safe sensor technology 


 Software system 

 Service and maintenance notification system 

 Alarm and fault notification system 


• Wired / wireless connection

• Remote monitoring system

• Remote warning tracking system

• Access from a tablet, mobile phone, and computer


 Adaptable to different floor cleaning devices 

 Proven cleaning by testing in the lab 

 Power-saving shutdown feature when the device is not operated for a long time 

 Self-cleaning feature 

 Display for the device’s working life.

Fields of Use

 Airport centers 

 Shopping Malls 

 Business Centers 

 Bus Stations 

 Health centers