UV-Craft Tunnel Type Sterilization Device

It is designed to be mounted at the entrance and/or exit of X-Ray devices used in airport centers, intercity bus terminals, hotels, and shopping malls for UV-C ray disinfection of goods passing through the X-ray device.

• The device is equipped with system status lights, that show to the user and the system that it is operating efficiently, and warning lamps, that warn users and the system in case of any malfunction and/or fault.

• Motion sensors and a protective wire mechanism are used to prevent possible accidents.

• In addition to the software measures to prevent possible accidents, an emergency-stop push button is also included on the device for emergencies.

• The UV-C lamps shutdown when a hand enters the device. UV-C rays are harmful to human skin. Since the purpose of the device is disinfection of goods, any possible exposure to UV-C rays in human skin is prevented by closing the lamps.

• Curtains made of special materials are used to prevent any UV light leakage from inside to outside. UV-C rays are harmful to health. Human health is protected by preventing any leakage of UV light.

• The device is equipped with motion sensors and protective wire mechanism to prevent possible human accidents.

• The device is equipped with distance sensors to prevent hands from entering into the device.

UV-Craft Tunnel Type Sterilization Device Features

Physical Specifications

• Outer Body (Frame)

• Width: ~ 810 mm

• Length: ~ 540 mm 

 Depth: ~ 700 mm

• Weight: ~ 150 kg

• Different body options

* It can be produced in different sizes.


 Remote Tracking Feature 

• Convenient Control Panel

• Emergency Stop System

• Visual tracking system

• Luggage/Item Count • 24/7 operation


• Software system

• Service and maintenance notification system

• Alarm and fault notification system


• Wired / wireless connection

• Remote monitoring system

• Remote warning tracking system

• Access from a tablet, mobile phone, and computer


 Can be adapted to different X-ray devices

• Lamp selection feature according to band speed

• Cleaning is proven by laboratory tests

• Power-saving shutdown feature when the device is not operated for a long time

• Self-cleaning feature

• Reporting of annual, monthly and daily average people count

Fields of Use

• Bus Stations

• Health Centers

• Hotels

• Shopping Malls

• Business Centers

• Item entry/exit points

• Shipping companies

• Metro stations