UV-Craft Tunnel Type
Ultraviolet Sterilization Device
UV-CRAFT Tunnel Type Ultraviolet Sterilization Device is designed for the UV-C ray disinfection of the items passing through the X-ray device by mounting it at the entrance and/or exit of the X-Ray devices.Devices can be sterilized by UV-C rays.
UV-Craft at Istanbul Airport Laboratory Studies No virus growth was detected in the observations made until 2, 4, 48 hours and 5 days after UV-Craft Devices were tested. We Disinfect Pos Devices Thanks to the UV-Craft Ultraviolet Sterilization Device, POS devices are cleaned
Sensor Technology

The device is equipped with system status lights that warn the user and the system regarding the efficient operation of the device and different warning lamps that warn the users and the system in case of any malfunction and/or failure.

All Operations Recorded

A general server, which this device and all related devices in the area are connected, receives data through wired and wireless data transfer, and processes and analyzes information about how long the devices are operated and how much area is disinfected. Thus, the devices are controlled from a single point.

Ergonomic Design

Thanks to its portable design, the device is easy to assembly/disassembly. This feature allows the device to easy installation and removal.

Kadri Samsunlu, the CEO of İstanbul Airport, introduces the UV-Craft Sterilization Device in the BBC NEWS Channel. 


Airport centers, shopping malls, and bus stations play a direct role in the spread of infectious diseases around the world. Luggage of traveling people contains millions of viruses. Elimination of these viruses is important in preventing the spread of infectious diseases. This device, which eliminates viruses, ensures safe travel. 

UV-Craft Sterilization Device is
at Istanbul Airport

Kadri Samsunlu, the CEO of İstanbul Airport, introduces the UV-Craft Sterilization Device in the Airport Program of HaberTürk Channel.